Firewood in Troy, NY

Firewood in Troy, NY

Also Serving Ablany & Clifton Park

BT Landclearing carries an excellent selection of premium firewood in the Troy, NY area. We sell, split, stack, and can deliver all of our firewood straight to your door.

Firewood is a terrible thing to run out of when you need it the most during the winter, so stock up with us now, and we'll make sure you're ready season-round. Wheter it's a summer bonfire for a delicious barbecue or you're just heating up the home for winter, we have the right type of firewood for all occasions.

Call (518) 528-0269 for all firewood inquires.

Current Firewood In Stock

Split Seasoned Wood (Out of Stock)

$250 for one cord

Split Greenwood (Out of Stock)

$200 for a cord

Split Kiln Dried Wood (Out of Stock)

$350 for a cord

Log Length (approximately 6 cords) (Out of Stock)

$700 for a truck load